Consulting - Retailer & Community

Ken Corbin has worked with over 900 communities, retailers, manufacturers and associations in the manufactured housing industry. His consulting firm specializes in helping manufactured housing companies develop business strategies for maximum sales growth, financial fitness & long-term profitability.

When all is said and done, it’s about selling MORE, spending LESS and maintaining a BETTER margin!

Ken received his MBA from The University of Michigan and is an advisory consultant to the American Graduate School of International Management. He’s also on the board of trustees of Habitat for Humanity and is a Certified Management Consultant.


Q How do you help retailers and communities?

The successful companies in our industry have a proven “process” for every facet of their business including sales, marketing, finance, budgeting, prospect management, social media, service etc. By utilizing the “best practices” of these firms and implementing them into your organization you eliminate the trial and error most companies experience. The key is don’t do it all … but know it all.

Q How much time is spent with a client?

With today’s technology, generally only one or two visits may be necessary to the business. Much of the work is conducted by video, telephone conferencing & meetings and review of reports or data; all of which typically is typically done weekly.

Q What about long-term contracts?

Since I am semi-retired, I will only work with a maximum of four (typically three) clients. There are no long-term contacts and either party can cancel our agreement at any time. I will only take on a client if I’m convinced we can increase not only your profitability, but the processes (the way you do business).