Cereniti Data Sense Networks Claimed


CERENITI is the exclusive North American distributor for sub-metering AMR solutions by Miltel Communications.
Our ability to sub meter enables countless property owners and residents to measure the individual utility usage of each home. It also helps to alert the owner and tenant of leaks and excess energy consumption with our unique state of the art sub metering solutions.
Cereniti is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Miltel Communications Ltd., the developer of the DataSense Network AMR/AMI solution. Formerly marketed as “SpeedRead “, the Cereniti DataSense Network is fully compatible with more than 1,000 Legacy SpeedRead sites servicing more than 1,000,000 utility meters.

Miltel is also the developer of the Galaxy Fixed Network System marketed for Water and Gas utilities in North America by Badger Water Meter Inc.
Cereniti sells Miltel’s sub metering solutions exclusively through authorized distributors. If you are interested in finding out more about our sub metering systems, please contact us so we can put you in touch with one of our national distributors who best suites your needs. Let our years of experience in sub metering solutions benefit your company.