HazardCall Claimed

Manage Your Risk, Master Your Message

HazardCall is a mobile app that lets an on-site manager send instant messages to residents via text and email about things like water outages, etc. It also automatically notifies residents via text, email and phone call when dangerous weather is threatening. This affordable subscription service reduces the time and effort currently spent posting signs, going door-to-door, etc to communicate with residents. Visit hazardcall.com to learn more and take control of your communication!


Q What makes HazardCall unique?

We put the power of communication in the on-site manager's hands. Now, more than ever, conditions are changing and residents are looking to the on-site manager for answers and direction.

You simply don't have time to go door-to-door or hang up signs. Just open the HazardCall app, compose a message and instantly reach your residents where many of them live - on their phone.

Also, while many use weather apps, most of them over-warn because they base the alerts on a whole county. HazardCall targets YOUR community's location and when you hear from us, you KNOW it's serious. In fact, we will CALL your residents when the threat is life-threatening. An automatic 24/7 service you can trust.

Q Is there a set-up cost?

No. Just upload your resident contact list, pick a start date, and sign up for on-line training. Invoicing begins when service starts and you can pay either annually or monthly.

Q How much does it cost?

This extremely affordable service is only $3.75 per lot/unit per year. This includes unlimited texting, account management and downloads of the HazardCall app. Residents don't pay anything extra to receive your messages and the life-saving weather alerts that can make you a hero!