Legacy Moulding and Lamination Claimed

Top Supplier of Moulding & Laminated Products in Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas

Legacy Moulding and Lamination is one of the Southeast premiere suppliers of affordable priced cabinetry, interior trim, vinyl-wrapped drywall, and vinyl wrapped framing / foil wrapped framing materials.

10-Day turn around on All Orders.

  • Large Selection of Moulding and Vinyl Options Available
  • Apartments, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Homes, Tiny Homes, Manufactured Homes.  Special discount rates for Bulk Orders.
  • Custom Orders Available – Need Measurements or RenderingsWE SPECIALIZE IN:
    Decorative Mouldings
    Window Mouldings
    Hardwood Mouldings
    MDF Mouldings
    Molding Profile
    Cove Mouldings
    Interior Mouldings
    Oak Moldings
    Picture Frame Mouldings
    Trim Mouldings
    Wall Mouldings
    Cabinet Mouldings
    Interior Trim
    Base Mouldings
    Baseboard Mouldings
    Laminate Mouldings
    Chair Rail Moldings
    Veneer Mouldings
    Crown Mouldings
    and many more custom laminated mouldings, baseboard, and trim.