Palace Way Management LLC. Claimed


The Palace Way Opportunity Zone Investment Fund is a Texas based Limited Partnership formed specifically to invest in real estate development projects. We Invest in Mobile Home Parks, Warehouse Business Parks and some Multi Family projects. We seek projects located in major growth areas, primarily in Texas. The developments are held from5-10 years for rental income and appreciation in value. We like real estate development because that is where the income and capital appreciation are better than average while mitigating risk.

Palace Way Partners, LLC. A real estate development and syndication company. We specialize in development projects for mobile home parks and Light industrial warehouse business parks in the San Antonio / Austin, Texas metro areas. The company offers investors a rare opportunity to participate in the development of new Mobile Home Parks. We are one of the few development companies in this investment space where you can make a direct equity investment.

Palace Way Co.’s are managed by Jim E Glasgow with 38-years of real estate investing and syndication experience, and Dr David Joyner PE with 20 years development experience. Contact: 210-413-7230