Speedread Technologies Claimed

Electric, Gas, Water Submetering Sales and Service for all of your sub metering needs.

Founded in May of 2000 as an exclusive Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) submeter marketer for North America, Speedread Technologies has been a nationally recognized leader in AMR submetering product technology and service for over fifteen years. Speedread services water, gas, and electricity providing reliable and robust AMR submetering solutions for customers in both residential and commercial markets.

By measuring true consumption rather than statistically estimating consumption, each Speedread installation improves the efficiency, accuracy and economies for effective utility service management.

Our competitive advantage

As a leader in advanced AMR submetering solutions for water, gas and electricity measurement and monitoring. Speedread provides efficient utility monitoring backed by uninterrupted meter reading transmissions.

Differentiated by greater signal capacity Speedread leverages a lower frequency that allows us to avoid interference from consumer devices over our wireless network and to deploy fewer repeaters and fewer transmitters. Without interference and with fewer devices to deploy and maintain, Speedread offers the most reliable, robust and cost effective solution on the market today.

Invested in the future

Strategic growth resulted from the commitment of our corporate team in providing technical expertise, customer support, training, and leadership in technologies that produce cost effective results.

Speedread continues to invest in engineering, manufacturing, and customer service to provide innovative technology that produces value and satisfaction for many years to come.